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Hellenic Roots

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The Hellenic Roots Association is a rapidly growing non-profit organization established in 2010. Our primary objective is to establish and nurture strong links between Greece and the Greek communities throughout the globe.

Our activities are aimed to promote culture, the arts and sciences and facilitating business co-operation and overseas investment into Greece.

The members of the Hellenic Roots Association are selected based on their proven and successful social or business relationships with Greek businesses or communities abroad. They are prominent members of the Greek business, society and culture and are active contributors socially and philanthropically with no political aspirations.

Our primary aim is to highlight the contributions and successes that Greeks have had in their local communities internationally and to develop a vibrant, interactive and sustainable communication between the Greek communities abroad and the parent Greek society for the benefit of Hellenism as a whole.

The Hellenic Roots Association organizes meetings and conferences on issues related to business opportunities and economic issues, as well as cultural and academic events with historical data analysis and surveys.

The vision of Hellenic Roots is an organic and internationally integrated Hellenism.

The Hellenic Roots Association is already involved in a social partnership with the Policy Institute of the Hellenic-American Chamber of Commerce and we intend to expand our participation in other social partnerships.


Members of the Hellenic Roots network benefit from a reduced admission rate to the AIS. For further information and to obtain the discount code, please contact:

Mr. Vassilis Dovas
Email: bdovas@gmail.com
Tel: +30 69 7 675 5727