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Visit website is an online community for international tax professionals, including advisers, law firms, trustees, banks, company-formation agents and tax clients. is an interactive and independent information source for accountants and lawyers worldwide. Subjects covered in detail include (but are not limited to) international corporate taxation, corporate law, corporate banking and investment, corporate finance as well as matters relating to domicile and residency. Details of forthcoming industry-related seminars, conferences and expositions are also included on the site.

The site is more than just a hub of up-to-date facts, statistics and news: it also provides a forum for the informed views, opinions and knowledge of subject-specific experts. Contributors include lawyers, accountants, trustees, bankers and financial advisers — professional firms and individuals who practice in, and have expert knowledge of, financial and legal issues in the countries and jurisdictions in questions. 

Regulations, guidelines and conventions not only change constantly but are also open to interpretation: being on the spot, our contributors are fully aware of innovations, developments and trends as they emerge. And given that their professional reputations are at risk, it's in every adviser's interests to ensure that the insights they share with the community are completely up to date.

By drawing on the collective expertise of specialists from around the world, helps advisers expand their services to clients — i.e. the adviser's sphere of operation need no longer be confined to just their own country or region.

Having immediate access to a worldwide network of non-competitive, qualified, dependable, like-minded colleagues, enables advisers to progress alongside their clients and adds an international dimension to any advisers' business.


Members of TaxLinked participate in the Athens Investment Summit at the Discounted Delegate Rate. Please contact Mr. Mateo Jarrin Cuvi to receive your promotional code, or Contact Us for more information.

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