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Piraeus Chamber of Commerce & Industry

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The Piraeus Chamber of Commerce & Industry (PCCI), founded in 1905, is one of the oldest in Greece.

The mission of PCCI is to provide services that strengthen the capacity of our members to prosper and grow, operating in the area of Piraeus where one of the largest seaports in Europe and the world is located. Registered members of PCCI are companies located within the Chamber's region, both in the central municipality of Piraeus and several suburban municipalities, including the Saronic islands.

PCCI influences the formation of policy at national and European level towards the development of an enterprise culture, the creation of a free, flexible, competitive and modern business environment in favor of companies doing business in Greece. With a view to strengthening the sector of commerce, as an invaluable engine for sustainable economic growth, it participates in the policy-making processes concerning the economic and development policy.

PCCI works daily to propose and document policy positions and recommendations. At the same time, it plays an active role in safeguarding the interests of the business community and in cultivating mutual understanding among Government, Members of the Hellenic Parliament, the local and regional authorities and other relevant bodies and organizations.

Moreover, through a series of actions, it promotes the extroversion of the primary and secondary national production, especially focusing on the supply chain of cruise ships and oceangoing vessels and on the export of Greek products in general.

In addition, it empowers the position of the port of Piraeus as regards the efficient international apportionment of passengers’ and goods’ transport. PCCI is a modern institution that is constantly improving within a demanding business environment, a "honeycomb" of the great port’s production process and a useful "tool" for supporting the market in the area of Piraeus.

Members of the Pireaus Chamber of Commerce and Industry participate in Athens Investment Summit at the Discounted Delegate Rate. Please contact Ms. Aimilia Zografou to receive your promotional code:

Ms. Aimilas Zografou
Email: studies@pcci.gr
Telephone: + 30-21-417-0529