Theodore Theocharis

Speakers at Athens Investment Summit

Theodore Theocharis

Partner, Navigator Consulting Group

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Mr. Theodore Theoharis is an international business and investment adviser, and entrepreneur with expertise in the food industry and the tech sector. He is a Partner with Navigator Consulting Group based in London.

Mr. Theoharis has led or supported over 400 public and private SME and Start-up international transactions, and has 20 years of Board experience as executive or non-executive director in Europe and the U.S.

Mr. Theoharis has served as Phare Coordinator in the Visegrads, and has co-founded, a biotechnology company for the development of novel technologies, new processing, ingredients and formulations in the food and cosmetic industries, a voice innovation technology company targeting the assisted living and smart home markets, a venture builder, and others.

In Greece, Mr. Theoharis has served as adviser to privatization programs, has co-founded, among other, Omnilink SA, a corporate finance and advisory boutique, where he also served as Managing Director Eastern Europe, and Chios Fruits SA, a vertically integrated agro-industrial concern, where he has also served as CEO and Chairman, and ran for Parliament in the 2012 elections with the liberal party Drassi. 

Mr. Theoharis earned a B.A. in Economics from the University of Athens and an MBA in International Business and Finance from The University of Michigan (1989).

His personal interests include biodiversity, causes related to children, family law and human rights, various sports and the arts.