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Autofire is a game analytics cloud service that aims to empower developers with the right tool for optimising their games in terms of engagement and monetisation by dynamically adapting gameplay to each player’s behaviour. We rely on delivering cutting-edge technology as an affordable solution to every game studio out there.

Games, as all applications, benefit greatly from marketing, analytics and optimisation tools. One of the innovations of Autofire is that it focuses on the domain of gamification and games and uses advanced analytics to help to continually optimise the end product during its whole lifecycle. This is realised in a disruptive combination of Streaming and Big Data technologies that provides a powerful analytics engine.

Autofire’s main innovation is real-time optimisation. Till now all data gathered needed time so as to be analysed and understood. This is a tenuous procedure requiring valuable time, during which one continues playing the game. After that the results of the analysis need to be applied on the game and again served to the game audience.

Real-time optimisation “hacks” this cycle and creates a faster response -on the field- as the game is being played. This creates a smaller and much faster loop that immediately connects the collected data with the specific player as the game, “on-the-fly”, responds to this player’s profile and adapts its gameplay, thus maximising the ”fun-factor”.

Autofire is currently looking for a seed round with a target of 500.000 euros.