SEV - Hellenic Federation of Enterprises supports Athens Investment Summit

Published on 22/01/2016 in Athens Investment Summit

SEV - Hellenic Federation of Enterprises supports Athens Investment Summit

The Athens Investment Summit is pleased to announce that SEV - the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises, has agreed to become a Supporter of the event. 

The Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV) plays a leading role in the transformation of Greece into a productive, outward-looking and competitive economy, as an independent and responsible representative of private economy.

SEV has consistently fostered business development in Greece since 1907. It is an independent, non-profit association for employer and enterprises organisations sustained by membership fees and sponsorships only from members. SEV is in the forefront of economic and business developments and continuously adapts to rapidly evolving conditions. Today, it is the leading independent employers’ union and the independent voice of Greek business.

SEV serves companies that are active in Greece. Based on the principles of free market and competition, it represents a broad spectrum of the nation’s economic activity having within its members sectoral, local and regional industrial and employer organisations. It maintains a prominent role in advocating and advancing entrepreneurship in Greece and throughout the European Union.

SEV's member are large and medium-sized enterprises in Greece. Collectively, they represent 12% of corporate profiles, 48% of turnover, 25% of exports, 40% of total employment and 42% of total corporate taxes collected. 

SEV's members are found in all sectors, including energy, transport, processing, pharmaceuticals, metals, food, banking, technology, chemical industry, services, wholesale and others. SEV's members include hundreds of enterprises, 59 sectoral and regional organisations and thousands of direct and indirect members. 

SEV seeks to create conditions that encourage entrepreneurship and improve the competitiveness of Greek enterprises in an era of rapid globalisation. To this end, SEV seeks to create modern and well functioning institutions in an open society to the benefit of all, based on dialogue and consensus.

Most branches and sectors of the present day Greek economy are already represented in SEV, which constitutes a basic vehicle for business and innovation values, of vocational education and training, sustainable development, corporate governance and corporate social responsibility. It focuses on shaping and promoting policies that express the concerns of the business community as it addresses to the society, the public administration, other social partners, as well as European and international organisations.

At the Athens Investment Summit, SEV will present its strategy for the Greek economy. SEV's members are entitled to register for the Summit at the Discounted Delegate Rate

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