The Athens Investment Summit is a practioner-oriented conference for investors, project sponsors and other actors interested in investing in Greece.

Now in its sixth year of financial crisis, Greece finds itself at one of the most difficult junctures in its history. Although the Tsipras government signed the Third Memorandum and one of the most difficult structural adjustment programmes devised, the national fiscal situation continues to deteriorate.

In no small part, this is due to a fundamental inability of successive governments to foster domestic and foreign investments and a climate suitable to private sector economic growth.

Despite the negative headlines and volatile political environment, investments in Greece are gathering speed. The Tsipras government is gradually implementing its privatisation commitments. And investments in export-oriented sectors, such as tourism, manufacturing or agriculture, are taking place. 

The Athens Investment Summit provides a practitioner-focussed, objective view of the real risks, opportunities and threats of investing in Greece. 

The Summit comprises three related events:

  1. An Investment Conference providing a comprehensive and detailed view of the national economy and leading sectors of investment. Speakers comprise leading investors, company managers and entrepreneurs who report on best practise and specific investment opportunities.

  2. An Investment Exhibition of investment opportunities. This includes projects in tourism, property, technology, agri-food and other sectors.

  3. A Match-Making Session in which pre-qualified investors and project sponsors are brought together.

The Summit takes place at the Grande Bretagne Hotel, and will be attended by 200 investors, company managers and investment specialists. 

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Please note that the official language of the Athens Investment Summit is English. 


Featured Speaker

Nicholas Jennett

Deputy Director General, European Investment Bank

Mr. Nicholas Jennett is Deputy Director General of the European Investment Bank, and Head of the Bank's Investment Team for Greece.

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